Top 25 Features for your E-Commerce Mobile App

Top 25 Features for your E-Commerce Mobile App

While you plan to develop a mobile app for your Ecommerce business, you need to finalize your business model. Before you begin developing your app, you need to create a feasible business model to help yourself know your customer segment, value proposition, and revenue streams. You may choose one among these two business models, B2B and B2C as for mCommerce these two are best. Research says that by 2040 we can expect online platforms to cover over 95% of purchases. This prediction creates a big and clear picture of the Ecommerce business market along with its unlimited possibilities. A study says that by the end of 2021, the global Ecommerce business is going to reach $4.5 Trillion in sales, and obviously, it’s not too far.

So if you have a store built on WooCommerce, you can transform it into an Android or iOS app in just a few steps. The template has a dynamic blog with a robust set of built-in components that allow users to engage with your content and products. Components include a banner slider, banner grouping, multi-column product view, tinder animate layout, and a stack animate layout. However, using technology as a driver of business growth, it is possible to bring about a DIY-enabled mobile app that wins millions of customers. Try one of these and feel inspired enough to launch working on similar mobile commerce project. H&M has leveraged its massive investment to make this incredible ecommerce app with impeccable UX design.

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This feature allows you to show information about the users’ orders in real-time. That is, each action that is carried out with the order will be displayed in the user’s personal account. For example, the goods were packed, the goods were sent, the goods are already in your city, etc.

Well, on our way to a mobile app, we need to consider various things, and this will demand a proper procedure for flawless workflow. So, let’s check out an ideal process to develop a successful mCommerce app. So, to understand that the Ecommerce business is actually growing like anything, there’s no need to apply rocket science. Behind the revolutionary growth of the Ecommerce market, mobile apps are playing a key role, so that the entire success story may revolve in their circumference only. Your mCommerce apps holding the power of the latest technologies, like AR, VR, and AI would facilitate you to optimize your mobile customer experience to an extent.

How to Build an eCommerce Mobile App: Short Overview

Choosing a good and experienced design and development team is also very important. Remember that 50% of the success of your future product depends on the team. Also, do not forget about planning and the step-by-step process of creating a product . You may use paid advertising methods to bring visitors to your app’s website since you will have a dedicated homepage for your app.

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So, to develop a mobile app from the same database, API developers need to build various APIs. Next, you should finalize all the important features and the functionalities that you shouldn’t miss in your app later. For example – push notifications, payment methods, verification, and more. Next, one ecommerce mobile app features more important decision that you need to take is regarding the mCommerce application you want to build, iOS or Android. So, you should check who your clients are and come up with your right choice depending on that. Today, booking tickets for music concerts or movies has become as easy as pie.

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It won’t be easy to truly showcase your company and brand at their finest, as well as separate your brand from other businesses that have created their apps on the same platforms. Creating an eCommerce mobile application will make it possible for users to shop anytime, anywhere. Very often, people standing in lines or in traffic jams use their phones to pass the time. It would be great if, at that time, they could use the eCommerce mobile app to make the purchases they require. Sell your products and connect with customers—all from your mobile device.

  • It uses such information to exhibit relevant suggestions to them suiting their behavior.
  • Next, one more important decision that you need to take is regarding the mCommerce application you want to build, iOS or Android.
  • We specialize in the rapid prototyping of new software concepts, taking our clients from vision to V1 as effectively as possible.
  • It will allow, for example, people to buy goods with a particular discount for any holidays.

Lenskart is considered to be the best online eyewear website in India. Lenskart caters to every customer with crazy deals and offers, and with the widest range of eyeglasses & sunglasses for men, women & kids with exclusive rates. Whether you want to sell clothes, jewelry, or furniture, Shopify has everything you need to run your ecommerce store. Whatever your business is, your products can be delivered to over 26,000 pincodes across india with very lowest shipping rates. Cartlay is India’s reseller app to resell trending fashions from brands.

Mobile App Development Platform

It gives native experience via responsive design and navigation menu that uses natural swipe control. The benefits for this app is its zero risk in buying/ selling, best quality products and easy return policy. There is a hassle free shipping as well as 24/7 help support available in this app. Create an eCommerce mobile app using BuildFire without writing any code. Our platform makes it easy for anyone to build an app, regardless of their technical skill level.

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Stakk is the award-winning UK-based mobile-first application development agency specialising in designing and developing scalable mobile applications using modern mobile technologies. We choose to work in a unique way, enabling you to scale your designated team according to your exact needs, whether it be on a single task or the entire project. We’re a UK-based UI/UX design and development studio on a mission to help brand grow and scale with incredible digital products. Our design team combines experience and vision to deliver interfaces that are beautiful and innovative, yet intuitive and functional. Our aim is to delight users and keep our clients at the forefront of their industry. Founded in 2013, Emizentech has emerged with a plethora of insights and result-driven aspects by delivering cutting-edge mobile app development solutions to clients from all over the globe.

Tips for Creating Great Content for Your Online Store

As shoppers are moving from desktop to mobile, it requires a mobile first approach to influence their buying decisions. For online retailers with ecommerce apps, the shift from website to app is a major trend among their customers. Using an eCommerce app template is the best way to build your mobile app on a budget.

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If you’ve never built an app before, this might sound a little intimidating. Rather than forcing them to navigate to your website or search for you on Google, offer a simple “call us” button directly in the app. This is something that you should definitely take advantage of. An app allows customers to see their status within a program in real-time, which relates back to our previous point about personalization. Engagement rates of push notifications compared to traditional email marketing.

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Online shopping can be tricky, and products customers receive sometimes depart from what they imagined to be, or one of their features is wrong . That’s why developing a smooth returns process is so important. Well, to reach the customers living all over the world your app is required to support various languages and accept varied currencies also. Such features will offer your customer a seamless and personalized shopping experience. Warby Parker app was featured in the Apple Store immediately after launch. The app is named one of Apple’s 10 best apps of 2016 and have over 500 five-star reviews.

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