Our Tips for Remote Interviewing and Networking

Our Tips for Remote Interviewing and Networking

Whether you’re applying for your first UX position, or brushing up on interview skills for the next step in your career, use this article as your interview preparation guide. Regardless of whether you intend to pursue the job, send a thank-you note or email as soon as possible after the job interview to express your gratitude for the opportunity. You can also use this note to re-emphasize your qualifications or clarify points from the interview. Finally, if you have experience working from home, be sure to highlight it.

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  • Some make offers quickly, while others have multiple rounds of interviews, require pre-employment tests and sample work, and take a long time to make an offer.
  • After Becca got the Dell XPS, she had to adapt to the fact that the camera is on the bottom portion of the screen.
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Try not to let your note-taking interfere with the flow of the interview. It’s also sometimes very difficult to interrupt without an embarrassing mess of overlapping sound bytes. Feel free to move around, look course careers remote jobs up, take a sip of water, jot down notes, and otherwise act as you would if this were an in-person interview. For hair, makeup, and accessories, the rule of the game is to be comfortable and professional.

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Give candidates partaking in a one-way or pre-recorded interview plenty of time to go through the questions and answer thoughtfully. If you choose an always-on chatbot, make sure there’s a procedure in place to respond to questions and confirm receipt of applications that come in while your team is offline. Deciding to conduct digital interviews is an opportunity to re-think your hiring process. Traditionally, an interview is held at the very end of the hiring process. But moving an online assessment to the beginning of your process means you can quickly identify applicants with the right skill set to progress to the next stage.

In light of the current climate, with social distancing and shelter-in-place orders in effect in many parts of the country, companies are turning to interviewing talent remotely. Trust us, though – remote interviews can be as effective as in-person if done right. We believe that developing best practices for remote interviewing will help not only in the short term, but in the future, as more companies shift their workforce to be more flexible. As such, we’re offering a few tips on how to effectively interview job candidates remotely to ensure you make a talent match. The interview process seems to get longer and more involved every year, and the remote hiring process is no different. It would help if you prepared for multiple phone or video interviews, which may involve hiring managers, prospective colleagues, and human resources.

Practice avoiding touching your face and your hair.

Conduct a test interview with a coworker to familiarize yourself with the video interview software you’re using. You can explore features, and see which ones work best for your company. Explain the next steps in the interview process and when they can expect to have an answer. It’s a good idea to create an interview itinerary and have questions prepared ahead of time to keep things moving smoothly.

  • When you’re applying for a remote job, it’s crucial to show that you have both the hard and soft skills that are necessary for success in the role.
  • Even if the call is just over the phone, the right posture will help you sound more friendly, open and sure of yourself.
  • Research the company ahead of time and jot down notes for easy reference.
  • The best way to do this is to show the employer that you’re a fit by highlighting your most relevant qualifications for the job.
  • This might be something like Hire Vue, which I was introduced to for the first time recently as an interview video platform accessed online.

For example, if you’re applying for a food blogger position, consider using a background with your favorite foods around the edges. To look your best on a video interview, move your desk, lamps, and other equipment around to get the best lighting. Well before your interview, test out different setups to find what works well for you.

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Make sure any service or usage within your WiFi network that’s using bandwidth in the background is disabled during the interview. In addition to charging headphones, make sure your laptop is charged, if you’ve brought it into another room and away from your charger. Or, bring your charger with you and stay plugged in during the interview, which is the optimal route. We heard about Krisp through a professional connection, and as it turns out, Krisp.ai is an app that cancels background noise with the click of a button and a free trial. I recommend drawing the curtains closed and working with a lighting setup over which you have control, or sitting in front of a window that illuminates your body.

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Remote job boards such as FlexJobs, We Work Remotely, and Remote.co offer work-from-home job listings. Just as with the traditional interview process, every company is different. Some make offers quickly, while others have multiple rounds of interviews, require pre-employment tests and sample work, and take a long time to make an offer. Choose a quiet area and set up in front of the most neutral background you can—either a blank wall or a room without a lot of distracting clutter or decoration.

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CodeSignal is an online interview platform built for hiring developers, programmers, and other technical roles. The tool manages interviewing and skill testing, as well as certified coding assessments so you can be sure the candidate you hire is the right fit. CodeSignal’s UX replicates the popular coding environment Visual Studio Code.

Then, find a friend or family member you can use that platform to connect with. If you have objects in camera view, look at how they crop against your profile. If your houseplant looks like it’s growing out of your head, you should probably adjust. And this should be common sense—but take the time to remove any clutter in advance.

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If you’re a graduate, for example, talk about how you expect to use the company’s well-structured training programme. Your interviewer is looking for evidence that you will add value to their organization rather than merely blend in. Many interviewers may ask you to list your positive and negative qualities. People usually have an easier time expressing their strengths but have a hard time finding even one flaw. Another important piece of advice is to emphasize your relevant experience, ambitions, and aspirations in relation to the post in order to demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the job.

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